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The Importance of Social Work in the Public Sector

Social workers in the public sector serve a number of important roles that those in the private sector can serve on a limited basis, or not at all. Due to the nature of many of these cases, is important that a social worker have extensive knowledge of human behavior and mental health, and the rising demand for social workers with advanced degrees just keeps growing. Let’s examine some of these roles in detail:

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What we need

I couldn't help but notice the latest website poll on this site about what does Richmond Hill need more, restaurants, retailers, entertainment or recreation.

I agree we could use a few more things, but I really belive that adding to much to this community would cause it to lose the quaintness, values and close-knit feel that people move here for. Sure it would be good to have a movie theater or a ...

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So much to do

I just want to say nice job to the Bryan County News for last week when they printed that list of weekend events and such on the front of their paper in the left side blue box. That was a really helpful guide, and I'm glad I saw it. I am also glad we live in a comunity that has so much to offer for it's citizens to enjoy. A lot of people might not ...

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Holidays are special, people!

Yes, I understand the usual complaints about how it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and there are arelady tons of Christmas products in stores and Christmas music being played on the radio constantly. But that is an age-old complaint that has been around the block.

A fairly new holiday complaint of mine (and I think many others) is this recent trend of oepning up stores on Thanksgiving day for extra sales and shopping ...

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Encouraging Sports to Children

These days children are switching towards virtual forms of play and the sensation of going outdoors and enjoying is now, sadly, going away. We think this is mainly due to play becoming boring and losing the sense of competition which it once had. And competition is exactly what children require keeping them motivated through and through. So how can you combine the entertainment of playing with a sense of competition? The answer: through sports.

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