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How to Organize Coupons

If you're a beginner with couponing you'll find you have a ton of coupons but you're still not able to get the deals you need when you need them. You need a way to organize the coupons that works best for you!

You can use these methods:
-Filing Method (Supplies cost about $15)
You will need a crate or box and hanging folders or manilla folders
-Binder Method (For ...

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New Political Party

Are you tired of the current dysfunction in politics? We are forming a new Political Party in America, Georgia and here in Bryan County. The Veterans Party of Georgia. Check out who we are on Facebook at You do not have to be a Veteran to be involved.

Our Mission is to place Veterans and other qualified Americans in political office so America can once again be the nation it has ...

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Cry me a deeper channel (Staff Blog)

So the White House says funding for dredging the Savannah River can't start until there is a change in an authorization bill concerning development of water resources.
And area lawmakers say that's not true, that moving the project from a proposal to an active list made the development authorization unnecessary.
And the governor says he wants the state to start work with state money even without federal money.
And the White House ...

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Seafood Fest

Seafood Fest is on! Thanks Bryan County News for great coverage in print and online! See you at the Festival.

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The 5 minute stoplight

As construction is being completed at hwys 144 & 17, I see that not much has changed. Why did they not put in turn lanes ONTO hwy 17? The parking lots of CVS and Clyde's could be scaled back to provide right turn lanes. I counted 8 cars out of 10 around me that turned south onto 17 from 144 right in front of CVS. Meanwhile traffic is backed up clear to Kroger. The same ...

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