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MTV Music Awards

Wow, could not believe Mily Cyrus' performance in front of everybody on TV and everything. At first I wondered why teens and children would be watching this show at all. Then I just felt sorry for this girl. How sad she feels it necessary to put on such a performance in front of millions. How sad she feels it necessary to do that at all.

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Bryan Millage Rate on the Rise

Two of our commissioners took a stand on the issue of a millage rate increase of 1.50 mills at the time when we can least afford it. Three from the south end of the county caved in and did not fulfill a campaign promise of "no new taxes!" They believe that they did the right thing for the citizens of this county, regardless of the current state of the overall economy. Like most politicians they ...

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Missing Cat Found & Home Again

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from the Bryan County Animal Control office. They had an orange cat in their custody, and wanted to know if it could possibly be my cat, who had been missing since late February. They asked about distinguishing features, and I mentioned his nose, and how it never formed properly for some reason--it's his most noticeable feature. As they checked for me I held my breath, hoping (after over two ...

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Mothers Day Tea at the Midway Museum

Join us for a Mother's Day Tea to celebrate that special woman in your life! English style tea and homemade desserts will be served and each Mother will receive a flower. Reservations are required so please reserve your spot early! We will be having 3 seating's; 1, 2, & 3 pm. Call 912-884-5837 or email at

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You can not call people names on Facebook!

You can not call people names on Facebook and expect to get customers!!!

Jimmy Fullwood

Dumb person for the day. On Saturday I was working atPlunderful Midway and a customer comes to me with a flyer for the 8th Annual Arts Festival in midway, which we sponsor, and asks is this an annual event. Duh can he not read the "8th ANNUAL" on the flyer? ...

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