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Festival confusion

I read in a Bryan County News article that buying a ticket to the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival would allow the ticket holder to leave and re-enter the GOSF. However, that was not true at all. They made me buy another ticket when I left to just go out to the parking lot (just beyond the admission gate) to hand my niece off to her mama.

Also, I noticed they didn't have ...

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ethics and educators

Someone should tell the new principal at BCHS that it is unethical to ask people on Facebook if they know of any people she can hire for positions that have not been posted yet by the board, especially before a resignation has been approved! How embarrassing for the entire system! Yep, one of those inexperienced and under-qualified hires of the superintendent... And yes, she scrambled to take those posts down...too late!! And yes, they then ...

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Worst Foods for Your Hips

For women, their hips can be a very problematic area when it comes to losing weight. It is one of the first places where you gain the weight, yet is one of the most stubborn ones to get rid of it from. You may not know it, but the types of food you eat can affect the width of your hips. Certain foods cause fat to settle around your hips, making you wider in that ...

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Veteran Educators

Historically, Bryan county school system has had an extremely high retention rate. Times have definitely changed these past couple of years. How many veteran Bryan county educators have left since this superintendent arrived? How many retired and how many resigned? How many outsiders have been brought in from the Atlanta area and surrounding counties? How many administrators have been replaced? How many positions were added at the board office only to be filled with friends ...

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Support Change

Support Change in Atlanta

Comments from the Atlanta Journal Constitution on July 6th and Savannah Morning News June 14th

As governor, my first priority will always be education — not just in an election year. I believe that education is economic development. It creates opportunity, it attracts businesses to the state, and it prepares our students for the best jobs.

A big part of the problem ...

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