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T-Splost?? Why I will vote: NO!!!
Last comment by dawgsfan12 2 years, 6 months ago.

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T-Splost seems to be the latest brainchild of the government to further put a burden on the taxpayers of this state. The so-called benefit will be for enhanced transportation for all of us. But if you read the wish list of the ten counties in the Coastal Region for T-Splost, you will see that some of the projects are more like pie in the sky and were planned prior to this latest way to take from us as taxpayers.

Funding for those projects was to be from the gasoline and road taxes that were in place. So what is the need for this new tax? Have our politicians squandered the money that was to be allocated for these grand improvements? Has the revenue from the existing sources proven to be insufficient to meet the costs of those projects? Will our property taxes be increased to fund the wish list if we decline to add to our tax burden by voting for this tax? That is the treat that the “pols” are using to intimidate us. That in itself smacks of extortion!

Here are a few of the zany items on the wish lists of the various counties:
Bryan: What is wrong with the existing Ogeechee River Bridge at Highway
80? Is that route even used by anyone anymore? Was not SR144 widening from Harris Trail to Belfast River Road not already funded? Also, the proposed interchange for I-95 at Belfast Keller Road is a federal project and must be implemented by those folks. Said item seems to be merely passage candy!
Bulloch: A bike and pedestrian improvement on US 301?
Camden: Widen roads to Kings Bay Base?
Chatham: I-16 Ramp Removal? Because some folks think that it is ugly!
Regional Park and Ride Lots? US 80 Bull River and Lazaretto Creek bridge
Replacement, without any funding to four lane the road? Use the money from the ramp removal to widen the road!
Effingham: What is wrong with the interchange on old River Road and I-16?
Glynn: Should not a new air terminal be paid for by the patrons, and not all of us?
Liberty: Subsidize Liberty Transit for ten years is not a good idea. We will be all paying for something that most will never use!
Long: They have another risky scheme to fund area transit by all of us! I say no!
McIntosh: They want us all to fund an airport for them? Now that really is nutty!
Screven: Finally, why fund a four laning of a road that is not critical to the transportation of this area?

What this all is seems to be piling on at a time when we as taxpayers can least afford it. Do we need the roads and transportation to get us to the unemployment office? I think not and will vote NO!

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smoke commented on Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 at 21:31 PM

I agree wholeheartedly and I too will vote NO

dawgsfan12 commented on Thursday, Aug 16, 2012 at 17:51 PM


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