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This is the most critical national election we have had in 32 years. There are many of my friends on both sides of the political spectrum. As all of you know I am a conservative. I am not rich, I don't have bank accounts in the Bahama's. I don't own stock in anything except my self. I do own a small, extremely small I may add, business that I have run now for 22 years. I make a living and that is it. I believe this country is the greatest country in the world, because it is the only country that you are exclusively free to decide how you want to live and want you want to become. All of us that live here make a choice, some better and some not so good on what that "dream" is. It is not the responsibility of the citizens of this country that do succeed to support those that chose to do nothing to help themselves. The way this country is going it reminds me of ancient Israel . The Israelites forgot what had gotten them to where they were, which was God, and they drifted from his direction. We have forgotten the principles on which this country was founded. The main principle was that every man was created equal. This principle comes with a great amount of responsibility and accountability for one's self. Each person is accountable for everything they do and choose. It is not the governments liability to make your bad choice's good. Ancient Israel fell to Babylonia and became economic slaves. If we don't change this country and correct the way our government does business then China will become our Babylonia.
Tim Stillwell

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cjohnson commented on Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012 at 17:43 PM

Thanks for a reality check. I agree with you.

Charlie Johnson

Bryannecker commented on Friday, Aug 24, 2012 at 13:37 PM

What you said is true and this is the most important election of the nation since the founding thereof. Hope and change is not frustration and despair. We cannot continue down this path to financial ruin. Our founding fathers were God fearing men and had the Grace of God with them. Otherwise, this nation would not be. It is time that we got back to those basic principles.
Power comes from God not government. All of our rights flow from Him, and with Him we will fail.

Bryannecker commented on Friday, Aug 24, 2012 at 13:40 PM

and with him we will NOT fail.

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